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James Lange, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor
Nationally-Acclaimed Roth IRA Expert, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker
Available to Train Your Financial Advisors,
Attorneys and CPAs on the Latest Estate
Planning & Roth IRA Conversion Strategies

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New Advisor Workshop

The top estate planners in the country warn IRA and retirement plan owners to develop an appropriate response to the new estate tax laws passed in December 2010.  We are now in a completely different tax environment ripe for the cruelest trap of all: where the standard language of traditional wills and trusts forces too much money (now up to $5,000,000) into a trust limiting the surviving spouse to income and the right to invade principal for health, maintenance and support.  If the trust is overfunded, which is likely under the new law, less discretionary income is available for the surviving spouse.  Furthermore, if this common trust is the beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan, massive income taxes are also triggered – all of this can be avoided with appropriate language in wills and trusts and appropriate beneficiary designations of IRAs, Roth IRAs and retirement plans.

Video of Jim’s Workshops

Qualifying the Advantages of Roth IRA Conversion
Length: 0:57
The Best Years to Make a Roth IRA Conversion
Length: 0:33
“The Secret” is Purchasing Power
Length: 5:54
The Essence of Roth IRA Conversions
Length: 2:45
Jim’s Own Roth IRA Conversion Story
Length: 2:30
The Impact a Roth IRA Conversion has on Heirs
Length: 4:05
A Real-Life Deathbed IRA Conversion Story
Length: 2:41
Lower Tax Brackets = Better Roth IRA Conversion Benefits
Length: 2:50

Under the new estate tax laws, older traditional estate plans are not helpful, but harmful, because of the severe restrictions they place on the surviving spouse, something most couples do not want.  Many IRA and retirement plan owners have this detrimental language in their existing wills and trusts and don’t even know it.  IRA and retirement plan owners with assets between $600,000 and $5,000,000 are particularly vulnerable.  Both spouses have likely become quite accustomed to making expenditure decisions based on desire in addition to need.  To lose that control would be devastating.  Without a review of their older traditional estate plan, they could be thinking they have left everything under the control of their spouse, but in reality, they have not.

Jim Lange’s workshop for advisors, How Advisors Can Attract Business with the New Estate Tax Laws, concentrates on defining the news laws, offers ideas on how advisors can use this as a selling opportunity and outlines, in detail, the best estate planning solution for married couples with traditional families.

This new workshop is Pennsylvania insurance, CFP, CLE, and CPE approved for 2 hours of continuing education credit and covers the following topics:

  • A detailed explanation of how the new law, The 2010 Tax Relief Act, works and how it could unnecessarily impose monetary restrictions on the surviving spouses of your clients.
  • The problem with existing, traditional estate plans after The 2010 Tax Relief Act.
  • A clear and detailed example of what Jim considers the ideal estate plan for traditional families (two parents with children from only that union) after The 2010 Tax Relief Act.
  • How an IRA, retirement plan & Roth IRA is dispersed at death and how your clients’ heirs can get the most value from these assets after they die.
  • The best way to complete IRA, Roth IRA or retirement plan beneficiary designations.
  • When is a Trust appropriate and a good safety measure?
  • Do your clients really need to be worried about avoiding probate?
  • How to build flexibility into your clients’ estate plans.

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Roth IRA conversion Workshop for Advisors

In essence, a Roth IRA conversion requires paying taxes on the portion of your IRA or 401(k) that you convert, but then that money can growincome tax-free for the rest of your, your spouse’s, your children’s and grandchildren’s lives.  The advantage of a tax-savvy long-term Roth IRA conversion is often measured in the millions.  The real eye-opener, however, is that Roth IRA conversions are great for older IRA owners, regardless of the benefits to future generations.

This workshop will explain the underlying general principles and concepts behind Roth IRA conversions.  Jim then presents his peer-reviewed analysis comparing a taxpayer who makes a Roth IRA conversion and pays the tax on the conversion with an identically situated taxpayer who doesn’t make the conversion.  Jim compares the benefits for the taxpayer, the taxpayer’s children and even their grandchildren and the results show benefits in the millions of dollars.

Jim also covers two techniques to enhance the value of Roth IRA conversions.  The first is what we call the Roth Launcher, which is a strategy utilizing the ability to recharacterize (unconvert) your Roth IRA in a proactive manner.  The second technique is a method of jumping through some hoops and converting the after-tax dollars in an IRA or retirement plan to a Roth IRA without having to pay any taxes.

Jim’s workshop, What Every Advisor Should Know about Roth IRA Conversions, is widely acclaimed by hundreds of advisors and covers the following topics:

  • How your clients can benefit from Roth IRA conversions
  • New opportunities for wealth preservation for older and high income IRA owners
  • How your clients can protect themselves from a decline in their Roth IRA
  • A little-known technique for making a Roth IRA conversion while legally avoiding certain taxes
  • Peer-reviewed proof of the benefits of Roth IRA conversions
  • Accumulation strategies with Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s if your clients are still working
  • How Roth IRA conversions present a business building opportunity for advisors and it can help them be introduced to other family members

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Jim Lange Available to Educate Advisors & Clients Alike

Many advisors have engaged in a Jim Lange workshop, but may others have used his expertise and prestige to educate their own clients.  Regardless of the audience, Jim can customize his workshops for your particular niche and can address large or small groups on a myriad of topics including Estate Planning, Roth IRA Conversions, Retirement Planning, and Charitable Giving.  He has spoken to financial planners, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance producers, retirement groups, professional groups, associations and corporations and does a fine job teaching technical concepts in easy-to-understand language.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Wholesalers: Let Jim Lange Help You Build a More Profitable Sales Territory with Operation: Territory Growth!

Building a profitable sales territory is a tall order indeed, so why not let a nationally-acclaimed Roth IRA and estate planning expert help you do just that?  Jim has developed a system that takes the stress out of securing appointments with top brokers.  Hire Jim Lange to speak to advisors in your territory and offer them a FREE copy of Retire Secure! or The Roth Revolution: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again as a bonus for attending.  Both of Jim’s best-selling books provide crucial information advisors need when working with their clients and are undoubtedly great resources for their personal library.

After hearing Jim speak, advisors are motivated and want to hear more…they are curious and definitely want a copy of his books.  After the presentation, it’s easy to set appointments.  After the event simply, call the advisor and ask them when you can drop off their copy of Retire Secure! or The Roth Revolution.  Our results show advisors are inviting the wholesaler in immediately and giving them 15-20 minutes to introduce themselves and their product…thus the relationship is born – professionally and stress free.

If you are a wholesaler or are in wholesaler management and want to book Jim Lange to boost territory sales, contact us at 412.521.2732, 1.800.387.1129 or  As a former variable annuity wholesaler, Nicole understands your position and can help design a marketing program that will get results within your territory.

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Financial Advisors: Become an Expert on Roth IRA Conversions and Estate Planning!

If you are a financial advisor and want to catapult your practice to the next level, Jim Lange has made available his done-for-you Roth IRA Conversion and Estate Planning workshop…the same workshop he uses to create a crucial pipeline of potential clients for himself.  Included in the workshop kit is a live presentation on DVD, an audio CD, the Powerpoint presentation, workshop invitation, a transcript of the presentation, and Jim’s booklet entitled, How to Hold Winning Workshops all for $497 each.  Buy one or get an incredible discount for buying both – you’ll receive two done-for-you workshop kits $797!

Two workshops are available for purchase:

All You Need To Know About The Incredible New Opportunities
To Preserve Wealth
If You Have a Retirement Plan Worth $100,000 or More, You and Your Family Could Gain $1,000,000
How You Can Avoid the Cruelest Trap of All:
Don’t Unknowingly Restrict Your Surviving Spouse’s Independence or Access to the Family Money After The Tax Relief Act of 2010

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