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Everyone Needs a Good Financial Game Plan to Retire Secure. Let’s Run the Numbers and Find Yours

Are You Interested in Working with Lange Financial Group, LLC?

First, we would like to thank you for purchasing the third edition of Retire Secure! or our new book for same-sex couples, Live Gay, Retire Rich.

To find out if the combination of our services and our “one-stop-shop” business model works for you, we are offering a limited number of FREE initial consultations for those who qualify.* During every initial consultation, we will go over your current estate planning documents, your tax returns, your investments, and discuss your primary goals.

If it seems like we can have a compatible relationship, then we will analyze your portfolio using an objective reporting service. As a part of this initial consultation, we will also prepare extensive recommendations designed to help you achieve your ideal retirement and estate plan, and we will supplement our recommendations by providing you with all the books, CDs, and DVDs that we think are relevant for your situation (we will even prioritize the most important ones to read, listen to, or watch).

If you like our initial recommendations, then you will meet with appropriate members of our teams to further refine your plan (i.e., our legal or tax team; or P.J. DiNuzzo and his investment team; or a Fort Pitt Capital Group, Inc. representative).

If all the relationships seem compatible, and you feel that the planning is right for you, then we will do the paperwork and you will officially become a client (although you may already feel like one by then)! It can be a lengthy process to become a client, and we aren’t the right fit for everyone. We want to make sure you will enjoy working with us, but the results and relationships are truly worth it. We believe that our thorough process is one of the reasons we enjoy a 99% retainage rate with the mutual Lange/DiNuzzo clients.

To inquire about a Free Second Opinion* please:

Call 800-387-1129
or fill out the form below!
*Free Second Opinion meetings are reserved for those with at least $500,000 of investible assets.


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