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Our Services

Lange Financial Group, LLC

Asset Management Services

Lange Financial Group LLC

Lange Financial Group, LLC provides conservative asset management services giving clients a choice of several money managers. We integrate our advice with the money manager advice so there is coordination between tax strategies, Roth IRA conversion strategies, investment strategies, estate planning strategies, etc.

We provide this service for our assets-under-management clients. Our clients receive our advice and money management services for the same costs as a fairly priced money manager, and there are no additional costs for our value-added advice. We find that our clients benefit from coordinating strategies among the people who are helping them achieve their long-term goals.

Lange Financial Group, LLC works with fee-only advisors. We work with a number of advisors; both value-oriented and buy and hold, and more active managers, as well as a low fee passive type “enhanced index investor.”


If you are a western PA resident, schedule a free initial consultation with us by completing the form below or call Erin Einwag at 412-521-2732, Ext. 231.

We help IRA and retirement plan owners and their families get the most out of what they’ve got by integrating and applying our strategies to the personal needs, wants, and financial situations of our clients.

Our strategies are published in the finest journals, including peer-reviewed journals, and are found in two of our best-selling books, Retire Secure! (Wiley 2006, 2009 and 2015) and The Roth Revolution (Morgan James, 2011).  Our strategies and books enjoy glowing testimonials from top experts including Charles Schwab, Jane Bryant Quinn, Ed Slott, Natalie Choate, and 60 others.

We Help Clients by:

  • Recommending strategies for accumulating retirement savings while working
  • Offering cutting-edge, tax-savvy solutions to maximize tax savings during the distribution phase in preparation for and after retirement
  • Developing long-term Roth IRA conversion strategies, where appropriate

We take the time to understand our client’s goals and values. Based on a combination of the client’s goals, our strategies, and after “running the numbers,” we develop a customized plan that accounts for personal circumstances and long-term financial planning. We are committed to the vision of becoming and remaining our clients’ most trusted financial advisors.

How We Do It

We help clients implement our recommended strategies.

  • While we are not money managers, our asset management services firm, Lange Financial Group, LLC, works closely with a variety of fee-only money managers, both active and index-style passive managers, to help implement what we consider the best strategies for our clients.


Our Professional Services

Award-Winning Client Service & Communication

We keep our clients informed and up-to-date through:

  • Weekly e-mails with cutting-edge information.
  • Free, monthly educational virtual events.
  • Our monthly print and digital newsletter, The Lange Report.
  • Our podcast, The Retire Secure Podcast features classic episodes of our KQV radio show ‘The Lange Money Hour’ and the audio versions of our virtual events.  Visit our index of radio shows.
  • Latest news, announcements, and timely information through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you are a western PA resident, schedule a free initial consultation with us by completing the form below or calling Erin Einwag at 412-521-2732, Ext. 231.