Estate Planning & Administration (Pennsylvania Only)

Lange Legal Group LLCLange Legal Group, LLC drafts wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills, all coordinated and optimized with tax-savvy strategies. We are experts in crafting flexible estate plans using Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan™.

We prepare the actual beneficiary designation forms specific to a client’s IRA, retirement plan, and/or life insurance. These forms are critical to a successful disbursement of these assets, and we will not risk a client inadvertently making a mistake. We coordinate the beneficiary designations with your will or revocable trust, and we account for all of your assets so you have a complete estate plan.

We assist grieving families with estate administration including death tax returns, probate filings and distribution planning. Because we feature flexible estate planning, there are often strategic opportunities for long-term financial planning that can be implemented after death. In each case, we make recommendations based on the deceased wishes and the family’s current circumstances.

The key to getting the best results for the family after a death is to have the appropriate plan in place before death, and then getting and implementing the best advice after death. Many, if not most of the important strategic decisions of who gets what and when are better made after death, and with our flexible planning approach, all that is possible. Therefore, a critical component of our estate planning practice is to provide appropriate advice after a death.


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