Protection Planning

At Lange Life Care, LLC, we review your current life insurance planning, offer our analysis, and make recommendations based on your individual circumstances. Life insurance is more than a death benefit. It can serve many purposes.

Life insurance can:

  • Skip probate
  • Be paid out to any beneficiary of your choosing.
  • Ease the worry of outliving your resources,
  • Help finance a college education for your children or grandchildren,
  • Bolster your children’s or grandchildren’s retirement prospects,
  • Help you maximize your social security or required minimum distributions,
  • Pay for estate and income taxes.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all:

  • It is a great way to transfer money, with limited risk, at minimal cost, and in most cases, tax-free, to your beneficiaries.

Lange Life Care, LLC works with one of the most respected advisors in the region on long-term care insurance. In some cases, a combination policy can provide for long-term care coverage as well as life insurance.

If you are unsure if you need life insurance, or you’d like to get information about how life insurance can augment your portfolio and improve your loved ones’, beneficiaries’, and even your own financial future, please call Alice, at 412.521.2732 to schedule your free insurance evaluation.


If you are a western PA resident, schedule a free initial consultation with us by completing the form below or call Alice Davis at 412-521-2732, Ext. 218.

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