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Year-End Tax Planning and Lange’s Tax Planning Card


The Republican tax bill has passed and immediate action is required to cut your taxes. This newsletter will concentrate on the actions individual taxpayers can take between now and year-end to reduce their taxes. This is the most important year-end tax letter we have ever created due to available opportunities to cut your taxes.

Tax strategy for retirement planning
Number One Tax Strategy for All Phases of Retirement Planning

Jane Bryant Quinn joked in a 2004 Newsweek column that my mantra was, “Pay Taxes Later.” It was true then, and it is true now. If you get nothing else right in your retirement planning, get this key idea right: Don’t Pay Taxes Now, Pay Taxes Later – Except for the Roth. My free report shows why this advice is critical for each stage of your retirement planning.

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Current Podcast and Transcript

Episode 192 – The Tax Policy Center’s Expert Roberton Williams Joins Jim Lange to Discuss President Trump’s Tax Policies

Our guests include experts like Ed Slott, John Bogle, Bob Keebler, Natalie Choate, Charles Ellis, Barry Picker, and Jane Bryant Quinn.



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  • Who Says You Can’t Control From the Grave? Using Trusts to Protect Your Family
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  • What Makes More Money: The S&P 500 or Active Money Managers?

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