How IRA and Retirement Plan Owners Should Respond to High Inflation While the Market is Down

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 19th and 20th
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Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, predicted inflation will get much worse and there isn’t an end in sight. In response on June 15, 2022, the Federal Reserve announced the biggest interest rate hike in 28 years.

To add to the financial misery index, the S&P 500 briefly fell into bear market territory with a 20% drop from its previous high.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, last year’s deficit was $2.8 trillion and the gap between spending and revenue will grow starting in 2024. reports that national debt surpassed $30 trillion, and that is only recorded liabilities. Economists point out the unrecorded national debt is likely more than double that amount.

So far, I haven’t even mentioned problems with the financial implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, COVID, and threats from China and North Korea.

These problems are bad enough if you are working, but what if you are you are close to retirement or already retired.

You may have heard about the 4% safe withdrawal rate, but you also must factor in the sequence of returns. The Sequence of Returns Risk looks at what happens if the market goes down in the early part of your retirement. Even if the average rate of return may be OK and the market goes down in the early years of your retirement, you could run out of money because you are withdrawing money from your portfolio when the market is down.

As a firm that advises many retired and soon-to-be retired clients on retirement and estate planning, Roth IRA conversions, and estate planning, we want you to be informed of the risks and what you should be doing about them. We also want you to hear it from the top experts including Larry Swedroe on the investment side and me on the retirement, tax, Roth IRA conversion, and estate planning side.

Which makes it all the more disturbing to see less-than-reputable financial professionals attempt to seize upon retirees’ legitimate fears to peddle products and services that come with big price tags and commissions but do little to address the problem

As you will learn from our July webinars (described below), we believe there are things retirees can do to protect their families’ financial security during a market downturn (and that those same strategies will also help preserve wealth and minimize taxes for the surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren many years down the road).

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients implement the retirement, tax, and estate planning strategies you’ll learn in these four sessions, and now we want to share that knowledge, expertise, and experience with as many people as possible. Because we want everyone to feel financially secure throughout their retirement years and to have the peace of mind that their surviving spouse and family are protected for the long-term.

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your retirement decisions right the first time—mistakes can be very costly and difficult, if not impossible, to recover from.

We invite you to discover our proven methods for improving and protecting your retirement finances.

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Session 1: Tuesday, July 19th (10 am-Noon Eastern)

What Retirees Can Do Now to Combat Market Downturn: A Roth IRA Strategy Webinar

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The tax-minimizing benefits of well-timed Roth IRA conversions and the potential strategic synergy of making Roth conversions during a market downturn.
  • The tax-accelerating impact the SECURE Act will have on your retirement plans and how Roth IRA conversions can help defend against it.
  • How SECURE Act 2.0, if passed, could impact Roth IRA conversion planning.
  • The peer-reviewed math & optimal timing for Roth IRA conversions.
  • The one single financial decision that can get you bigger Social Security checks.
  • The implications of the back-door Roth and what to do about it in 2022.A virtual event series held by CPA/Attorney Jim Lange July 19th and 20th 2022. Go to to register

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Session 2: Tuesday, July 19th (1 – 3 pm Eastern)

Tax-Minimization & Financial Planning Strategies for IRA Owners: Plus What You Need to Know About Inflation

In this long-term planning-focused session, we’ll dive into:

  • Inflation: it’s a big topic on Americans’ minds today, and with good reason. We’ll look at our current economic situation in historical context.
  • What million-dollar IRA owners need to know about the pending SECURE Act 2.0 legislation.
  • Gifting strategies to maximize family wealth.
  • A quantitative analysis of combining multiple long-term financial planning strategies.
  • Which assets you should spend first and which assets you should spend last during retirement? Please note the answer has changed since the SECURE Act.

A virtual event series held by CPA/Attorney Jim Lange July 19th and 20th 2022. Go to to registerClick here to register

Session 3: Wednesday, July 20th (10 am-Noon Eastern)

The Best Estate Plan for All Economic Climates + Optimal Trust Planning

In this session we will explore an estate planning system based on a series of disclaimers. Disclaimers allow enormous flexibility for planning for your estate, and one important feature of that flexibility is that it allows you to create a plan that can be adapted based on the economic climate at the time of your death. We believe flexible estate plans should be used routinely, but in practice, they rarely are.

We’ll also look at:

  • The details of the best estate plan for married retirement plan owners known as Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan.
  • Should your heirs inherit your IRA and other retirement assets directly, or would naming a trust be wiser?
  • Charitable trusts as beneficiary of your IRAs and retirement assets.
  • Do you need the ever more popular “I don’t want my no-good son-in-law to inherit one red cent of my money trust?”
  • We will combine our newest thinking with some of our classic strategies for protecting your children or grandchildren from themselves, but also creditors, possibly including their spouse.

A virtual event series held by CPA/Attorney Jim Lange July 19th and 20th 2022. Go to to registerClick here to register

Session 4: Wednesday, July 20th (1 – 3 pm Eastern)

A Live Q&A with Larry Swedroe and Jim Lange: Your Questions Answered on Inflation, Investing, Tax Minimization, & More

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, educates individuals on the benefits of evidence-based investing. Larry is one of the top financial authors in the world. His books include Successful & Secure Retirement and Reducing the Risk of Black Swans. He has authored nine books and co-authored seven books on investing, and has appeared on NBC, CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg Personal Finance.

Larry and Jim will answer attendees’ questions submitted in advance of these online workshops as well as those submitted during the webinar. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your most nagging investment questions answered.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful. Indexes are not available for direct investment.

Prepare Yourself for the Best Retirement and Estate Planning Information

Wouldn’t it be great to know you were taking the right steps to protect your and your family’s financial security? These online workshops will provide the roadmap you need to navigate the retirement and estate planning pitfalls and opportunities that you now face. 

Why listen to me? In a nutshell:

  • Author, Retire Secure for Professors, which has received glowing testimonials from your peers.
  • Author of multiple relevant peer-reviewed articles.
  • Author of eight best-selling financial books focusing on IRAs and retirement plans.
  • Our office has 632 college faculty clients, and I have served professors as a tax, estate, and financial planning consultant for a period of almost 40 years.
  • My expert advice has been cited 36 times in The Wall Street Journal.
  • Veteran presenter (with over 30 years’ experience) for college faculty and other audiences.

My team and I team put together what we think is the most relevant, important, and best information, much of it original, for professors. We have developed three 2-hour online workshops along with a 2-hour Q&A online workshop. We implore you to at least scan this invitation and attend one, or preferably several, of the scheduled sessions.


About James Lange, CPA, Attorney, and Registered Investment Advisor

For the past 35 years, Jim Lange’s CPA firm, retirement and estate planning law firm, and registered investment advisory firm has served 632 professors providing a combination of tax, legal, and advisory services.

Jim Lange’s tax and estate planning strategies have been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal (36 times). He has written eight best-selling books. He is also the author of Retire Secure for Professors: Maximizing and Protecting Your TIAA, IRAs, and Other Retirement Assets.

Jim wrote the first peer-reviewed article regarding Roth IRA conversions published in The Tax Adviser in 1998, the first of many peer-reviewed articles. He is also a regular contributor for and Retirement Daily.

Jim is the originator of Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan, the best estate plan for most professors.

Some of Jim’s books have become classics endorsed by the country’s top experts. Retire Secure! was endorsed by Charles Schwab, Larry King, Jane Bryant Quinn, Roger Ibbotson, and 50 other experts; The Roth Revolution, endorsed by Ed Slott, and Bob Keebler; The $214,000 Mistake, How to Double Your Social Security and Maximize Your IRAs, endorsed by Larry Kotlikoff, Jonathan Clements, and Paul Merriman; and The Retirement Plan Owner’s Guide to Beating the New Death Tax, endorsed by Burton Malkiel, Larry Swedroe, and Stephan Leimberg.

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“Whether you are a professor or not Jim Lange’s book, Retire Secure for Professors, is a retirement planning MUST read. Jim masterfully shows you how to integrate estate tax, income tax planning, and insurance planning into a “financial master plan.” Plus, he offers strategies for tax-efficient gifting to heirs and charities. With his help you can minimize taxes, leave the most to your heirs and favorite charities—and the least to Uncle Sam. And NO ONE does it better. He provides easily understood examples that demonstrate the benefits of his recommended strategies.”

Larry Swedroe, Author of Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement and 17 other investment books.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful. Indexes are not available for direct investment.