The SECURE Act passed the House of Representatives 417-3 on May 2019 and the Senate is in the process of fast-tracking this legislation. Most all experts believe it will become law before year-end.

This would allow the IRS to wrongfully take approximately one-third of your retirement plan within ten years of your death.

The difference between the current legislation and this newly proposed legislation could be the difference between your children having $2,000,000 under the existing law and running out of money under the new law.

Jim Lange, CPA/attorney, wealth advisor, seven-time best-selling author, and keynote speaker, knew that the key components of this legislation were coming and has developed and five wealth-protection strategies that could dramatically reduce the impact the SECURE Act has on your family’s financial future. Watch this video to learn more about why your audience needs the information and strategies Jim shares in his new Signature Talk: How to Stop Pending Changes In Tax Laws From Taking Up to 1/3rd of Your IRAs and Retirement Plans.

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