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Please click here for information as CPA/Attorney Jim Lange explains the critical estate-planning steps when a special-needs beneficiary is involved.
November 22, 2022
Image for Financial Advisor IQ website. Go to to learn more about Jim Lange's concept of providing for your disabled child. Financial Advisor IQ 
Please click here to learn how to avoid missteps, such as not getting approval for Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income program or missing ROTH conversions, when planning for a special-needs beneficiary from CPA/Attorney Jim Lange.
October 3, 2022 | Spend The Right Money When You Retire 
Please click here to read Jim Lange’s article, originally reposted with permission from In this article, Jim explains how to spend the right money when you retire.
November 5, 2021
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Please click here to learn how to prepare now for a higher tax environment in the United States.
May 21, 2021
Retirement Daily | The Street
Please click here to learn how the tax implications are different depending on which asset is being passed to your heirs or your favorite charities. Attorney and CPA Jim Lange explains how to maximize your gifts within your estate plan.
May 10, 2021
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Please click here to view Jim Lange’s recent press release showcasing Jim Lange’s January 2021 virtual event featuring Larry Swedroe and Adam Yofan. To register for the upcoming virtual event click here.
January 18, 2021
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Please click here to view Jim Lange’s recent appearance on Bill Flanagan’s show Our Region’s Business on WPXI Pittsburgh.
December 20, 2020
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Please click to read James Lange On The Main Empowering Messages He Wants Readers To Take From His Writing featured in Authority Magazine.
November 2, 2020
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Please click to read Why Your Clients Need to Do Roth IRA Conversions Before Year-End as published in the Journal of Financial Planning.
October 15, 2020
Retirement Daily | TheStreet
Here are some ideas for couples who want to maximize their legacy.Click to readCascading Beneficiary Strategy – The Best Estate Plan for Most Married IRA Owners” by Jim Lange.
September 17, 2020
Retirement Daily | TheStreet
Curious about CRT’s? Here’s a primer on using them to reduce tax burdens.Click to read “Charitable Remainder Trusts – An Estate Preservation Tool with the SECURE Act” by Jim Lange.
September 16, 2020
Money is not always the real issue when considering retirement.Read “When you want to retire but your partner doesn’t, money isn’t necessarily the real issue” to glean thoughts from Jim Lange, who is quoted extensively by tenured reporter Morey Stettner.
September 14, 2020
Agility Newsroom
Concerned citizens, board members for non-profit organizations, healthcare administrators and/or school superintendents, etc., may submit their request(s) for an allotment of free KN-95 masks — or nominate an organization that may need them most.Click to read “PSA: Lange Financial Group has 5000 KN-95 Masks to Donate”
September 10, 2020
Media Source Portal
Jim Lange announced his new plan to raise a billion dollars for charity — while saving IRA owners millions – under the newly enacted SECURE Act, donates KN-95 masks.Click here learn more: “Tax Strategy Expert Publishes New Book, Donates KN95 Masks”
August 18, 2020
Yahoo! Finance
The SECURE Act will extract a devastating tax from the families of IRA and retirement plan owners, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why Jim Lange wrote this book to provide safe, easy, and 100% legal ways after the SECURE Act, COVID-19, and the CARES Act to keep your legacy wealth in your family’s hands – and out of Uncle Sam’s – all without raising an eyebrow at the IRS.Read more here: “New Book, ‘Beating the New Death Tax’ by James Lange, Available Now for Pre-Order, Book Reviews, Media Requests”
August 4, 2020
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“The deal all along was if you put money in an IRA, after you die, your kids get favorable tax treatment,” said Jim Lange, president of Lange Financial Group in Squirrel Hill. “Now 20 years later, the government is saying we changed our minds. I think that’s a betrayal.”Read more here: Big overhaul set for IRAs could be more or less taxing
December 20, 2019