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Jim Lange’s 2020 – 2021 Tax Planning Card
This handy tax card has been helping investors—and most especially our clients—save time and money since 2005. Without fail, it is the most popular item our office produces. It is requested by attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, judges, as well as our clients and friends. We receive requests for the card from all over the country! Please download and print your copy at

The tax card can only offer a rough guide to optimizing your tax strategy. For example, a quick look might make it seem like Roth IRA conversions will be advantageous, but after you take other taxes into consideration, for instance, additional premiums for Medicare Part B, the differences in capital gains taxes and qualified dividends and interest income, it may not be favorable. You can’t rely on the tax card without a much deeper analysis for Roth IRA conversions as well as many other tax planning techniques.  That said, it is a great starting point.

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