Gain Immediate Access to Jim’s New Book for IRA Owners
and Help Raise a Billion Dollars for Charity

We are looking for IRA and retirement plan owners to be part of our “let’s send a billion-dollars to charity” launch team. Do yourself and your family and your friends and colleagues a favor. Join our launch.

The recently enacted SECURE Act forces a massive income tax acceleration on IRAs and retirement plans within 10 years of your death. This tax acceleration could mean the difference between your children having over two-million dollars toward the end of their lives versus being broke.

Though there are multiple options for responding to The SECURE Act, a critical loophole within the legislation that isn’t getting much press: naming a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) as the beneficiary of your IRA. For many IRA owners, naming a CRT may be the best solution to preserve your IRA for your family—even if you aren’t charitable. We offer a detailed explanation in Chapter 7.

Given reasonable assumptions, including significant annual spending, your child could have $465,175 at age 81 if you name a CRUT as the beneficiary of your million-dollar IRA. Your favorite charity would get $452,211. Given those same assumptions, if you named your child outright as the beneficiary of your IRA, at age 81 your child would be broke and your charity would get nothing. The big loser with the CRUT is the IRS.

All it will take is 2,221 IRA millionaires to hit that $1 BILLION!

First, we will send you a complimentary pre-publication edition of our soon-to-be published book, The IRA and Retirement Plan Owner’s Guide to Beating the New Death Tax: 6 Proven Strategies to Protect Your Family from The SECURE Act.

Second, we request you read the table of contents and identify a least one chapter that that you want to read. We would love it if you read more than one chapter and there are many to choose from covering: Roth IRA conversions, gifting, changes to your estate plan, the charitable trust as beneficiary of your IRA and two other charitable techniques with IRAs, asset location and more.
Then, assuming you find the book valuable, we would give you license to send out as many digital copies of the book as you like. Then, when the book becomes available, we request that:

1. You buy the e-book from your favorite e-book venue, even though you will have received a pre-publication edition from us first.

2. You leave a book review online. (Assuming you genuinely think it is a valuable book.)

3. You consider who in your circle would benefit from the book and inform them of the availability of the book. Giving them an immediate gift of a digital copy or a hard copy (as soon as it is available) that we would provide at no cost to you, would be an extremely nice gesture.

The rewards to charity are not immediate, that is a given. The rewards to your child or children extend over their lifetime. This is a feasible work-around with surprising benefits to charity. Another benefit is that the IRA/retirement plans that you, your friends, and colleagues have worked hard to accumulate will elude the clutches of the IRS—and you would help direct desperately needed dollars to the charity of your choice. Thank you for your consideration.

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