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In his new FREE book, The Little Black Book of Social Security Secrets, CPA/Attorney James Lange reveals proven strategies that can help you maximize your Social Security benefits for life.

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An easy way to increase your Social Security benefits by 8% a year – up to a total of 32%, plus cost of living adjustments, which your surviving spouse then gets for life. Page 30.
How to file a “restricted application” so the lower-earning spouse can collect more Social Security benefits based on the higher-earning spouse’s greater benefit. Page 35.
How to convert your tax-deferred traditional IRA to a tax-free Roth IRA – and the optimal time to make that conversion. Page 51.
Little-known loophole lets you amend your Social Security application if you filed incorrectly and have made mistakes on it that are lowering your benefits. Page 20.
How much Social Security can you and your spouse expect to receive? Page 23.
And much more!

Maximizing your Social Security benefits can mean the difference between retiring secure for life vs. just scraping by. Between maintaining your comfortable lifestyle and staying in the house you love vs. living like you are on welfare.

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Praise for The Little Black Book of Social Security Secrets

“Social Security is the best income stream available to retirees–and you want to get as much of this income as possible. But how? To find out, make it a priority to read Jim Lange’s brief but fabulously insightful new book.” *

Jonathan Clements, Author of Jonathan Clements Money Guide
Former Personal-Finance Columnist for The Wall Street Journal

“The number one goal for retiring and retired Baby Boomers is cash flow for what might be 2, 3 or more decades of post-retirement life. This book is a great, understandable and practical introduction to one key component of that later life cash flow, Social Security.” *

Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, AEP, PFS, JD

“The book is fantastic. It is a readable, detailed, timely, step-by-step Social Security playbook. It helps readers master the Social Security game.” *

Phyllis Bernstein, CPA/PFS
Former Director of Personal Financial Planning for the American Institute of CPAs

“If you spend 60 minutes with this book, you may be able to increase your lifetime income from Social Security by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.” *

Paul Merriman, Author, Financial Fitness Forever

“This book is the real deal. It delivers crucial, timely information about the new Social Security rules with clarity and precision and should be required reading for everyone age 62 to 70 who is, or ever was, married.” *

Elaine Floyd, CFP®, Author, Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers, an advisor training program

“Jim Lange has done it again. In his clear succinct style, Jim shows those about to enter retirement how to optimize their Social Security benefits and take advantage of strategies that are being phased out in the future. Seniors will find that reading the Little Black Book the best hour they could possibly spend.” *

Burton Malkiel, Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 11th ed. 2016

“Get this book and read it now! It could save or make you an enormous amount of money – but only if you move quickly.” *

Brian Tracy, Author, Make More Money

*These reviews are for Jim’s book, not his services.