The Roth Revolution: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again

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A Roth IRA conversion requires paying taxes on the portion of your IRA or 401(k) that you convert, but that money can grow income tax-free for the rest of your, your spouse’s, your children’s and grandchildren’s lives. The advantage of a tax-savvy long term Roth IRA conversion is often measured in the millions. The real eye-opener is that Roth IRA conversions are great for older IRA owners, regardless of the benefits to future generations.

The Roth Revolution addresses the following topics clearly and objectively:

• Whether, how much, and when to convert

• Costs and benefits of a Roth IRA conversion

• Advice for taxpayers in each income tax bracket

• The impact of future tax increases

• Synergy of delaying (or returning) Social Security and Roth IRA conversions

• Combining charitable gifts and Roth IRA conversions

• Tax-free conversions of after-tax dollars in IRAs and retirement plans

• Converting and recharacterizing strategies


James Lange, CPA

Jim is a nationally-recognized tax, retirement and estate planning CPA with a thriving registered investment advisory practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the President and Founder of The Roth IRA Institute™ and the bestselling author of Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later (first and second editions) and The Roth Revolution: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again. He offers well-researched, time-tested recommendations focusing on the unique needs of individuals with appreciable assets in their IRAs and 401(k) plans. His plans include tax-savvy advice, and intricate beneficiary designations for IRAs and other retirement plans. Jim’s advice and recommendations have received national attention from syndicated columnist Jane Bryant Quinn, his recommendations frequently appear in The Wall Street Journal, and his articles have been published in Financial Planning, Kiplinger’s Retirement Reports and The Tax Adviser (AICPA). Both of Jim’s books have been acclaimed by over 60 industry experts including Charles Schwab, Roger Ibbotson, Natalie Choate, Ed Slott, and Bob Keebler.