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Jim Lange: One of the reasons why Ed Slott is so well-liked is his ability to tell a great story and literally charm his guests. This story just sticks in my mind so clearly. Could you tell us about Bill Buckner and the lessons that our listeners can take from Bill Buckner? 

Ed Slott: Well, Bill Buckner, for baseball fans, is infamous with, you know, failure at the critical moment. But without going through all his statistics, turns out he was one of the greatest baseball players that has ever played. But when it counted at the end of the game — and that’s why I use the analogy with planning for your retirement savings — it’s what you keep that counts. You could have a great career saving and building and investing and having more and more. But if you strike out or if you drop the ball like Bill Buckner did at the end of the game, the distribution strategies, the planning, your family will remember the same thing about you that they remember about Bill Buckner — that you dropped the ball, you blew it when it counted, even though for 30 years you did everything right, and that’s the big problem with retirement planning.