Hi, this is Jim Lange. We're going to be having a live―this is in the South Hills―workshop for a general audience. We're going to be doing one session on some of the really cool stuff that you can be doing―that not very many people are doing―on Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions.

We're going to have some really new and very interesting techniques for estate planning that are specifically applied to IRA and retirement plan owners.

Then, we're going to have a third session specifically for parents of a child with a disability.

And just to give you one or two quick examples that this is not going to be an ordinary seminar…

So, let's say for discussion’s sake that one of the hesitations of you doing a Roth IRA conversion is that you're already in a high tax bracket and your beneficiary, who ultimately is likely to benefit from the conversion, is in a low tax bracket. You're thinking, "Gee, do I really want to make a Roth conversion in a high bracket to help a beneficiary in a low bracket? Wouldn't it be better if the beneficiary could make the Roth conversion after you are gone so they could do it at their low tax bracket instead of your high bracket?”

So, let's say for discussion’s sake that you're at 32% or even a higher tax bracket and your beneficiary is maybe at a 12% bracket. Well, wouldn’t it be cool for you to die with a retirement plan, leave it to your beneficiary, and then your beneficiary makes a Roth conversion after you’re dead? Can you do that with an Inherited IRA? No! But you can with an inherited 401(k) or an inherited 403(b)! There are a bunch of limitations, some hoops that you have to go through that we're going to be covering, but it is a phenomenal opportunity that I hardly hear anybody talk about.

So, we're going to have that and a whole bunch of kind of obscure strategies.

We're going to do some of the basics too, of course, including things that people don't think about that could potentially save them tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases, even more than a million dollars.

And one of the things that I think of when I go to some of these workshops myself is, “Boy, all I need is one pearl or one gem, and it might be worth so much money that hey, I want to hear what this guy, Lange, has to say.”

I highly recommend it if you can make it to the South Hills on June 22nd, I highly recommend that you go and/or if you have a friend or a colleague who you think might benefit, please forward this email to them.

We actually have people driving in and flying in from other states. I think they are coming from Missouri and a few other people. This is like pre-pandemic when people used to come from all over the place. But anyway, I highly recommend that you attend that session.

Of course, we don't serve meals, but we do serve snacks, and it'll be very comfortable, and there will be three great sessions.

Thank you.