James Lange, CPA/AttorneyAmerica’s Top CPA/Attorney IRA Expert,
James Lange,
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Workshop topics include:

      • New Tax Laws Create Unintended Benefits for Savvy IRA and Retirement Plans Who Act Quickly.
      • The $214,000 Mistake: How to Double Your Social Security & Maximize Your IRAs.
      • Who Says You Can’t Control from the Grave? Using Trusts to Protect your Family.
      • Roth IRA Conversions: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again.
      • Cut Taxes on your IRA Withdrawals: More Money for You and for Your Heirs.
      • The Best Estate Plan for Traditional Married Couples.
      • How We Sabotage Our Retirement Planning and Why Index Investing Offers the Best Solution: Nobel Prize Winning Research Sheds Light on Index Funds and Investor Behavior.

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Prepare yourself for the best in retirement and estate planning information available! Jim Lange, CPA/Attorney and nationally-recognized IRA expert, is charged and ready to deliver the most cutting-edge strategies to your organization.

Jim’s presentations can be customized to specifically cover topics and issues that are the most crucial to your members. He not only unleashes the best, substantive retirement and estate planning advice but he also reveals how to use these proven strategies to dramatically improve attendee’s financial security. Inviting Jim Lange to present to your group will electrify your audience and provide real value all at no cost to you or your members.

Jim speaks to thousands of IRA and retirement plan owners, financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys annually on proven tax-saving strategies–all 100% legal–that keep your wealth in your hands … and out of Uncle Sam’s.

For more information or to book Jim to speak with your association, please call Beth Gardner or Jim Lange at 412-521-2732 or email Beth@PayTaxesLater.com or Jim@PayTaxesLater.com today!

The talk is free.
But the advice could mean the difference between your members living comfortably in retirement versus just scraping by.
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About Your Speaker, James Lange

James Lange, CPA/Attorney


As a thought leader and innovator in the financial services industry Jim is the creator of the Cascading Beneficiary Estate Plan. Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan was designed with IRA and retirement plan owners in mind to provide beneficiaries with the ultimate in flexibility to make decisions—armed with the full knowledge of their financial circumstances. Jim was the first to present the true math behind Roth IRA conversions to the accounting community in an article for the peer-reviewed journal, The Tax Adviser. This article led to the founding of The Roth IRA Institute which trains other financial professionals on IRA issues.

Jim has been quoted 36 times in The Wall Street Journal and over 30 times in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In addition, he has written feature articles for Kiplinger’s, Trusts & Estates, Forbes, The Tax Adviser, Financial Planning and many other trade journals. He is the author of three editions of the best-seller, Retire Secure! The book is distinguished with a foreword by Larry King of CNN and an introduction by Ed Slott, CPA. It enjoys glowing reviews from the industry’s best: Charles Schwab, Roger Ibbotson, Jane Bryant Quinn and 40 other financial professionals. Charles Schwab calls Retire Secure! “a road map for tax-efficient retirement and estate planning.” Jim is also the author of the best-sellers, The Roth Revolution: Pay Taxes Once and Never Again, The $214,000 Mistake: How To Double Your Social Security & Maximize Your IRAs , and The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA.

Jim lives in Squirrel Hill with his wife, Cindy, and their daughter, Erica. He enjoys hiking, biking, chess, and playing bridge.










Prior Speaking Engagements

Robert Morris UniversityThe Tax and Estate Planning ForumSmith Barney
Pennsylvania Bar InstituteParker/HunterTri-State Tax Institute
University of PittsburghSt. BarnabasDuquesne University
Edward JonesPittsburgh RotaryWestinghouse SURE
PA Society of Public AccountantsFinancial Planning AssociationBechtel Bettis, Inc.
Academy of Lifelong LearningAmerican Institute of CPAsTransamerica
Pleasant Hills Retired Men’s GroupNYU Retirement ConferenceAllegheny Tax Society
Pittsburgh Federation of TeachersJewish Community CenterCitigroup
And Dozens More!

Pennsylvania Bar Institute Evaluations

“Please let Jim know that I have been attending Pennsylvania Bar Institute for 5+ years and I think he gave the best CLE I’ve ever had there.”
“Excellent job! Loving this seminar! Glad my CLE courses included yours.”
“Thank you for a brilliant presentation!”
“Lange is easy to listen to and commands the audience’s attention all day!”
“Jim had great substance and knew the subject deeply—Fantastic seminar!”

Testimonials and Endorsements for Keynote Speaker,

James Lange, CPA/Attorney

“Jim Lange’s seminar was excellent. He simplified complex issues and provided clear and concise answers to technical questions. I received many positive comments about his presentations.”
William O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Parker/Hunter

“The Tri-State Tax Institute each year invites notable speakers in regard to current tax issues. Mr. Lange was requested to return for a second year by virtue of his high ratings on participants’ survey sheets. The audience of lawyers, CPAs, CFPs and insurance agents highlighted not only his timely topics, but his excellent manner of presentation. I would highly recommend Mr. Lange for his professionalism and knowledge.”
Chris Freeman, Director, Tri-State Tax Institute

“The presentation was one of the most outstanding we have ever had. Questions from the audience were answered completely. The audience agreed that the presentation was particularly useful. We plan on inviting Mr. Lange back.”
Parvin Lippincott, SURE Coordinator, Westinghouse

“Your presentation on the “greedy givers” and the benefits of using retirement assets to fund charitable giving remainder trusts will be very helpful to our development team as they work with their planned giving prospects. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise.”
Larry Karnoff, JD, CFRE, Director of Planned Giving
University of Pittsburgh

“Over the years I’ve attended dozens of financial “seminars” with advance claims to astonishing benefits. I have never been so impressed. The workshop delivered the goods. Thank you for opening my eyes.”
Unsolicited testimonial from public workshop participant

For more information or to book Jim to speak with your association, please call Beth Gardner or Jim Lange at 412-521-2732 or email Beth@PayTaxesLater.com or Jim@PayTaxesLater.com today!


For more information on customizing topics or to request that Jim speak at your next gathering, please contact Beth Gardner or Jim Lange at 412-521-2732 today! You can also email Beth@PayTaxesLater.com or Jim@PayTaxesLater.com.


Videos of Jim’s Previous Workshops

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The Best Years to Make a Roth IRA Conversion
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“The Secret” is Purchasing Power
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The Essence of Roth IRA Conversions
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Jim’s Own Roth IRA Conversion Story
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The Impact a Roth IRA Conversion has on Heirs
Length: 4:05
A Real-Life Deathbed IRA Conversion Story
Length: 2:41
Lower Tax Brackets = Better Roth IRA Conversion Benefits
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