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Our office has been working tirelessly to organize what we are convinced will be the best Virtual Summit for parents of children with disabilities—at no cost to attendees! Attending the Summit is free, and everyone is welcome! Below you will find a list of speakers, topics, and descriptions, but please be aware that the order of speakers and all topics are not yet finalized. We will be updating our website as plans solidify.

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We are currently offering both a digital version of our best-selling book, Retire Secure for Parents of a Child with a Disability, as well as free attendance at the Summit for anyone visiting our website,

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Register now for three days of financial, practical, and potentially life-changing information for parents of children with disabilities.

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This summit, organized by James Lange, includes an incredible array of speakers who will share their advice and recommendations drawn from their respective fields of expertise. All speakers work in areas that help parents of children with disabilities either directly or through adjacent services.

Featured speakers include the three co-authors of the best-selling book, Retire Secure for Parents of a Child with a Disability. All three authors and many reviewers believe this is the best financial book for parents of a child with a disability. Their advice, recommendations, and guidance will help you optimize a long-term financial plan to provide for your child’s life-long security. Other speakers will focus on non-financial topics aimed at improving the family’s lifestyle, reducing anxiety and stress, and providing resources you can access after the Summit.

The schedule of presentations for each day is being developed. The Summit webpage will be updated regularly as the program is finalized. Prior to the event, all registrants will receive the final roster of Summit speakers, topics, and presentation times via email.

You will be able to pick and choose among the sessions to attend based on your needs and interests.

Jim’s Three-Part Financial Solution

The core of the financial planning portion of the Summit is a deep dive into the three-part solution (below) that ensures your child will get the most out of what you’ve got.

1. Get your child approved for Social Security Disability Income (SSI/SSDI), usually after the child turns age 18, because getting approved for SSI/SSDI is the golden ticket to enormous benefits. Learn more by attending Deborah McFadden’s presentation.

2. Optimize your estate planning. Specialized information for drafting appropriate wills and trusts—particularly a special needs trust to preserve government benefits and provide money for your child. Learn more by attending Julieanne Steinbacher’s presentation.

3. Optimize your tax strategies starting with a long-term Roth IRA conversion plan. We cover critical concepts that are straight forward and not too hard to understand, and we cover issues like how much, and when to convert, and the math of optimal vs. mediocre planning.

We cover the importance of getting your child the coveted Eligible Designated Beneficiary (EDB) status that comes with SSI and SSDI, the ABLE Act, and the nuances that must be addressed if the underlying asset that will fund the special needs trust is an IRA or other retirement plan. We cover some of the best estate planning strategies including disclaimers and toggle trusts. Both concepts could potentially dramatically improve your estate plan if properly implemented. Learn more by attending James Lange’s presentations.

Authors Speak

Retire Secure for Parents of a Child with a Disability
by James Lange, CPA/Attorney
Deborah McFadden, Former U.S. Commissioner of Disabilities
Julieanne Steinbacher, Esq., CELA, LLM


James Lange, CPA/Attorney/Registered Investment Advisor:

Jim Lange’s tax and estate planning strategies have been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal (36 times). He has written 9 bestselling financial books that help IRA and retirement plan owners get the most out of what they’ve got. Some of his books have been endorsed by the country’s top experts including Charles Schwab, Burton Malkiel, Larry King, Jane Bryant Quinn, Roger Ibbotson, Ed Slott, Bob Keebler, Larry Swedroe, Stephan Leimberg, and 50 more. Having Roth IRA conversion and SECURE Act expertise was critical in developing Jim’s solution for his daughter and the book.

Deborah L. McFadden, Former U.S. Commissioner of Disabilities:

Deborah McFadden was appointed by President George H.W. Bush as U.S. Commissioner of Disabilities (1989-1993) and was instrumental in the writing and passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For years, she has been recognized as one of, if not the top expert in the country helping individuals with disabilities qualify for SSI, SSDI, and other crucial resources.

She is the mother of two USA Paralympic athletes. One daughter, Hannah, is ranked third in the world in rock climbing. Her other daughter, Tatyana has won 20 Paralympic medals including eight gold medals. Tatyana is one of, if not the most honored, and recognized athletes with a disability in the world.

Julieanne E. Steinbacher, Esq., CELA/LLM in Estate and Elder Law:

Julieanne Steinbacher is the founding shareholder of Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak, an elder care and special needs planning law firm, with offices in Williamsport, State College, Wyalusing and Wysox, Wilkes-Barre, and Altoona, PA. As a former social worker, she has seen the devastating effects the lack of planning for long-term care can have on a family. As an attorney, her goal is to educate the community and empower them to make planning decisions. Each of her law offices has social workers on staff to help families coordinate care and benefits. She has over 20 years of experience drafting special needs planning documents for families and administering estates.

The Three Authors

James Lange, CPA/Attorney
Strategic Roth IRA Conversions for Your Family’s Financial Security and Much More

James Lange, CPA/Attorney, and parent of an adult child with a disability will spell-out and explain the significance of a long-term Roth IRA conversion strategy for you and your special needs child or grandchild—and so much more. 

Jim’s Roth IRA conversion and SECURE Act expertise proved critical in developing his long-term financial security plan for his daughter. When Cindy and I realized we had to provide for our daughter not only for the rest of our lives, but potentially for another 30 or 40 years after we were gone, we felt overwhelmed. The immediate reaction was to work longer, save more, and spend less. But that only goes so far. What we needed to achieve our goal was a regular transfer of funds from the government to our daughter’s trust that would come about through strategic planning. I figured out the plan. Though every family’s circumstances are unique, my basic plan will work for most parents who want to provide their child with greater financial security. I will be offering four hours of talks, so there will be multiple opportunities to learn details about the plan as well as asking me questions. 

In Jim’s sessions, you will learn: 

  • A mathematically proven approach to Roth IRA conversions that you likely have not encountered.
  • Peer-reviewed calculations on Roth IRA conversions, and factors that determine how much and when to convert.
  • How to efficiently transfer after-tax dollars in retirement plans to a Roth IRA at zero cost, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes down the road.
  • Special strategies for grandparents.
  • How to plan for the conversion of an inherited retirement plan to an inherited Roth at your beneficiary’s tax rate―not your own―after your passing.
  • The rationale behind establishing an ABLE account for your child.
  • Disclaimer strategies build flexibility into the estate.
  • Who Gets What? Nuanced estate planning for children with dissimilar needs and situations.
  • Toggle Trusts: Builds in flexibility so you have the right type of trust whether your child qualifies for SSI or SSDI or not. If you guess wrong, there are costly consequences.

Deborah L. McFadden
Former US Commissioner of Disabilities
Critical Steps to Get Your Child Approved for SSI/SSDI – The Golden Ticket

Deborah McFadden, Former U.S. Commis- sioner of Disabilities, will tell you why getting your child approved for SSI/SSDI is akin to winning the Golden Ticket. By arranging for your child to be approved for SSI/SSDI, you will enable your child to receive cash, tuition, medical and other benefits.

In Deborah’s session, you will get answers to questions such as:

  • Can my child qualify for these programs if I have a high income?
  • Is it true my child can get everything paid for including tuition, room/board, and books?
  • Can my child go out of state for college?
  • Can my child go to a school for technical training/certification?
  • What if my child has a “hidden disability,” will he still qualify?
  • What options do I have for funding my child’s education?
  • If my child will not qualify for any loans from FAFSA, do I still need to apply?
  • Can my child apply for SSI before he is 18 years old?
  • Can my child work and still receive benefits?

Julieanne E. Steinbacher, Attorney, CELA
Trust & Estate Planning for Families with a Special Needs Child

Attorney Julieanne Steinbacher has 20 years of experience helping clients who have chil- dren with disabilities draft and structure wills, special needs trusts and related docu- ments and services. She has also written ex- tensively for both attorneys and consumers on the topic in an effort to both educate and empower all concerned.

In Julieanne’s session, you will learn:

  • The basic legal documents that everyone should have, and why you should periodically review any existing legal plan to make sure it’s still in good order and current with the law.
  • What you need to know before meeting with an attorney, and how to compose a summary of your wishes.
  • The differences between Power of Attorney Guardianship.
  • Key differences between a 1st Party Special Needs Trust, a 3rd Party Supplemental Needs Trust, and a Pooled Trust.
  • Who should be a Trustee?
  • How can life insurance provide a benefit to an estate plan?
  • Funding a Special Needs Trust—what assets should you consider?
  • Recent changes to laws affecting individuals with special

Featured Speakers

Kimberly Tissot, President and CEO, Able South Carolina
Centers for Independent Living: Connecting to Resources and Information

Kimberly Tissot proudly serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Able South Carolina where she guides the staff in applying the philosophy of independent living to real situations. She believes in the value of individualized and community-based empowerment as she wants people to recognize their full potential. Under Kimberly’s leadership, Able SC has become a nationally recognized Center for Independent Living.

Kimberly’s road to disability rights began at an early age, after having her leg amputated from a rare childhood cancer, Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She began deciding her style of mobility, becoming the first soccer player with a disability in her town, and speaking up any time she was treated differently. Kimberly has over 20 years of experience advocating for disability inclusion on a local, state, and federal level, and also internationally!

Kimberly’s special interests include parenting with a disability, ADA/Civil Rights, engaging in early youth transition, uni- versal design, developing new disability rights leaders, legislative disability rights advocacy, and advancing disability employment and awareness. When Kimberly isn’t at Able SC, she is making precious memories with her husband and son!

Ashley Kim Weiss, Executive Director, Together for Choice
The Case for Choice and Advocacy

Showcasing a variety of housing models will illustrate why we need to advocate for a wide array of options for different needs and preferences when planning for loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ashley Kim Weiss will also discuss opportunities and challenges in creating various housing options in the current regulatory envi- ronment, concluding with some practical recommendations.

Ashley is a social entrepreneur and disability advocate who currently serves as the Executive Director for Together for Choice. She is also the President & CEO of Elevare Community, which provides consulting services in housing devel- opment, residential placement, and life planning for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Prior to Elevare, Ashley was the co-founder and Executive Director of Villa de Vida, a non-profit organization building an affordable housing community for adults with developmental disabilities in San Diego.

Ashley is a National Certified Guardian and licensed California Professional Fiduciary. She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and management from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a master’s degree in business administration from the Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Business.

Jill Silvester, Program Specialist, My Autism Connection, Inc.
Preparing for the Responsibilities of Adulthood and Recommendations for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

This presentation will focus on guardian advocacy and guardianship. Addressing medical, educational, and financial concerns are paramount to ensuring a smooth transition into adulthood. Jill Silvester’s talk will underscore the impor- tance of establishing legal guardianship to navigate medical decision-making, access to resources, and managing finances effectively. By proactively addressing these areas, individuals are better equipped to navigate the complexities of adulthood with the necessary support and guidance.

With over 35 years of experience in special education and behavioral psychology, Jill has worked with people of all ages and abilities in school settings, home settings, residential and group home settings, as well as various employment settings. In her personal life, Jill has a son and other family members who are autistic. This gives her a unique perspective as both a family member and a professional. Jill is passionate about helping others learn to manage stress and improve their health in all areas of life.

Our Celebrity Speaker

Tatyana McFadden, Champion Paralympic Wheelchair Racer

Life is Like a Marathon

From her austere beginnings in a Russian orphanage through her struggles to be included on the world stage of accomplished athletes, Tatyana McFadden is the winner of 20 Paralympic medals including 8 gold medals and 24 major world marathon wins! She is
one of the most famous Paralympic athletes in the world.

Tatyana also produced and starred in Rising Phoenix, a Netflix original drama that won two Emmy awards.

After this summit, Tatyana leaves for Paris to compete in the 2024 Paralympic games.

Emily Brady, LCSW and Angela Sweeten, Family Programs, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Extending Support, Resources, and Compassion to Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Conditions


This presentation will shed light on the data relevant to mental health conditions and the impact they have on our society. We will reflect on ways we can be aware and support our loved one if they are having a difficult time. We’ll devote time to address caregiver burnout and the importance of self-care. Lastly, we will provide a brief overview of some of the resources and support available to caregivers.

Emily Brady received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2014 and completed her certification in gerontology and certification in addiction treatment and prevention services. Emily is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and currently works at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Colorado Springs as the Director of Community Engagement and Initiatives. She oversees the supportive services and educational programs for individuals living with mental health conditions and their families.

Her efforts focus on building strong relationships with community partners to effectively address and respond to com- munity needs, and destigmatizing mental illness. Emily embraces systemic change and brings a trauma informed lens and strengths-based approach to her work.

Angela Sweeten is the Family Programs Coordinator at NAMI Colorado Springs. She helps family members and friends whose loved ones live with a mental health condition find resources and support. Angela holds a professional teaching license. Before joining NAMI, she spent twenty years in the classroom as an elementary teacher, advocating for the diverse needs of learners. She believes in investing in our youth as they are among our greatest teachers! Angela is the parent of three children and is passionate about supporting all children, teens, and their caregivers.

Tara Bonner, Chief Neuroeducation Officer, Arrowsmith
Overcoming Learning Disabilities through Neuroplasticity and Brain Change

With her background in psychology and education, Tara Bonner has been with the Arrowsmith organization for 15 years: as a teacher, then School Principal and now as a consultant.

She understands that children with learning difficulties work harder than their peers, yet still struggle to learn independ- ently. Tara has witnessed the transformative impact of cognitive programming.

Tara speaks to professionals and educators from around the world. From here, she sees a watershed moment: where learning and neuroscience intersect, and we all elevate our experience and contribution to the world, with a stronger brain.

Isabel Robben, Special Ed. Transition Coordinator, Colorado Springs Schools D11
Post-Secondary High School Transition Support and Services

Isabel Robben will offer insight on special education processes through the public education system for individuals accessing post-high school transition supports and services. She will shed light on how parents can support students transitioning to reach independence, vocation, and education. She will offer insight into paths that parents can follow to help their student advocate for these services within the public education system.

Isabel is the Transition Coordinator at Colorado Springs School District 11. She enjoys supporting these amazing students while they work to meet their post-high school transition goals. She holds a master’s degree in Bicultural Bilingual Studies and holds Special Education Certifications in two states. She is also working on a master’s degree in Spanish and is excited about her upcoming graduation. Isabel was integral in starting a transition group, Fun for Adults with Down Syndrome (FADS) that is still going strong today. Isabel has a younger brother with Down Syndrome, and she has been a big voice and advocate for all families and individuals with disabilities.

MaryAnne Cooper, Program Director, Dungarvin, LLC
Support Services and Family Options:
Home-Based and In-Home Services, Foster Care, Day Programs, and Other Assistance Opportunities for Families

This program will share a range of supports offered to families who have a child with a disability. MaryAnne Cooper will discuss specific supports such as day services, supported employment, and home-based and in-home services that provide families with assistance in daily living skills.

MaryAnne will also shed insight into case management services that work toward a goal of living in the community as independently as possible and will also provide awareness on Respite Care and Supported Foster Care services that offer safe, loving homes and intensive support for children or adults. MaryAnne will discuss Children’s Services offered that aid in helping families meet their fullest potential.

MaryAnne is the Program Director and Placement Supervisor for Dungarvin in Colorado and holds a master’s degree in social work. She has worked with individuals her entire life and has a passion for supporting families and individuals in

achieving their goals and dreams. MaryAnne has worked as a caseworker with children in foster care and has volunteered with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for over 20 years.

She participates in many state meetings regarding available resources and advocates for changes in rules and regulations. She is a force within the disability community, and you can find her sharing these outstanding resources with everyone she meets. MaryAnne has been a member of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority for over 25 years and is currently president of the Colorado Springs Chapter.

Sadie Martinez, Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Planning for Resource Disruptions: What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Prepare for when disaster strikes by identifying your family's actual resource needs. We will introduce you to the Access and Functional Needs Resource Framework which suggests that there are resources everyone needs to function before, during, and after emergencies, regardless of who they are.

In this course, participants gain a basic understanding of the Access and Functional Needs Resource Framework and the CMIST Resource Memory Tool. CMIST will help you communicate with the emergency manager what resources you need to maintain functioning during disasters. CMIST Memory tool stands for Communication, Maintaining Health and Medical, Independence, Support Service and Safety, and Transportation resources. These are critical items to help you regardless of who you are to save lives and property when disasters strike.

Sadie Martinez is the Colorado State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management's Access and Func- tional Needs Coordinator. She supports state agencies and local jurisdictions in the development of inclusive, whole community emergency- operations plans that adequately account for people with Access and Functional Needs. She uses the CMIST resource framework to provide a whole-community inclusion approach to identify the actual resource needs of the community in Communication, Maintaining Health/Medical, Independence, Support Services and Safety, and Transportation resources, rather than a specific “special need” or vulnerability. This helps re- sponders and agencies better understand what capabilities to acquire before, during, and after a disaster and helps create a shared language that reaches across language, disability, under-resourced, under-served barriers, and emergency management.

Cathy Cimino, CWDP, Pikes Peak Workforce Center
Employment Opportunities and Resources for Families

This presentation will cover many opportunities that Workforce Centers offer to the community. Cathy Cimino will offer information on a wide variety of services for individuals seeking jobs and the intensive job search assistance offered. She will dive into Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), programs that support individuals in gaining access to work experiences, occupational skills training, integrated education, supportive services, and more. Cathy will provide information and resources on post-secondary preparation that offer support for families to ensure their child does not jeopardize their employment and educational opportunities.

Cathy serves as the Workforce Development Team Lead for the Program Services Team at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC). She works closely with customers seeking funds for training, supports PPWFC’s career counselors, and community partners. She has been with PPWFC for over 20 years, serving diverse populations with a special focus on young adults who need a step up on their career ladder. She is a Certified Workforce Development Professional who represents the Workforce Center on community boards and presents workforce opportunities to various agencies throughout the city.

Jill Lewis, LMT, Jill’s Touch
Creating Present Moment Awareness though Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

Each special needs child presents a unique set of challenges. Jill Lewis’ intention for this Summit is to bring parents and caregivers of children with diabilities to present moment awareness in a peaceful, calming manner with heart-centered focus. These are ways we learn about each other, ourselves, and our environment. These are natural senses: to touch, hear, see, sense, taste and tell. There are unique meditation exercises to enhance our strengths: art, song, dance, music, instru- ments, etc. Thank you for allowing me to guide you to what matters to YOU in a peaceful and balanced way.

Jill is a Licensed Massage Therapist with the Ohio State Medical Board, a Cranial Sacral specialist, and a Reiki Master teacher, as well as a practitioner. For over 30 years, Jill has practiced in Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), Somatic Emotional Release, CST for brain & spinal cord injuries, ortho bionomy, myofascial release, reconnective healing, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), kinesiology, massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and assessment/evaluation procedures for trauma Injuries, with a focus on cervical and thoracic regions, and healing with intention.

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