The Lange Report – November 2020

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“I wanted to share the following, recently published article with you as it contains critical year-end planning advice.”  —Jim Lange

 Please click here to read Why Your Clients Need to Do Roth IRA Conversions Before Year-End as published in the October 2020 edition of Journal of Financial Planning.


The Election Results Combined with the MASSIVE NEW TAX Hike Hiding in “The SECURE Act” Create Enormous Opportunities and Pitfalls Most Savvy IRA Owners Need To Take Action Before Year-End

Webinar Dates:  Tuesday & Wednesday, December 1 & 2, 2020

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The Best Estate Plan for Married PA Resident IRA Owners After the Secure Act: Our Tax-Savvy Thinking

  • The profoundly negative impact of the SECURE Act on Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) of Inherited IRAs and retirement plans. How this change will diminish your legacy, and what you can do to minimize its impact.
  • Depending on the election outcome, the federal estate tax exemptions are likely to change. In 2020 the exemption stands at $11.58 million per person. That exemption “sunsets” in 2025 and reverts back to $5 million for an individual taxpayer. We will cover strategies for that eventuality.
  • Do you need to redraft their trusts now that the SECURE Act has become law? You need to find out.
  • Should your heirs inherit your IRA directly, or would naming a trust be safer?
  • Surprise Finding: Charitable Remainder Trusts—even if you are not charitably inclined—could be financially advantageous for your family.
  • What you should do if you have children of unequal financial strength.
  • A unique multi-generational plan that could save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the grandchildren


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2020 • SESSION 2: 12:30 – 2:30 PM

A Live Q&A with James Lange: Your Questions Answered on IRAs, SECURE Act & More

Jim will answer viewer’s questions submitted in advance of the webinar as well as during the webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your questions answered.


Urgent Action for Tax-Savvy IRA and Retirement Plan Owners to Take Before Year-End—6 Proven Strategies to Help Protect Your Family from Devastating Tax Acceleration Losses

  • Learn what actions should be taken before the year-end.
  • Learn how to avoid the decimating taxes after the SECURE Act.
  • Using Roth conversions to minimize taxes on your IRA income for decades for both you and your
  • How to optimize your Social Security distributions.
  • Gifting strategies after the SECURE Act.
  • The appropriate reaction to the election results.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2020 • SESSION 4: 12:30 – 2:30 PM

A Live Q&A with Larry Swedroe and Adam Yofan of Buckingham Strategic Wealth: Your Questions Answered on Investing, Wealth Management and Preservation & More

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, educates individuals on the benefits of evidence-based investing. Larry has authored 9 books and co-authored 7 books on investing, including his newest book, The Incredible Shrinking Alpha: How To Be A Successful Investor Without Picking Winners, 2nd Edition. Larry has made appearances on NBC, CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg Personal Finance.

Adam Yofan, CPA, PFS, leads Buckingham’s Pittsburgh office. Adam navigates clients toward financial clarity by defining goals and needs, reviewing assets, providing recommendations, implementing and managing portfolios, and tracking progress as they pursue well-defined goals.


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Socially Responsible Investing

While wildfires rage across the western U.S. decimating 5.8 million acres of forest, destroying hundreds of homes, and exposing millions to hazardous air quality.

I wanted to re-share a link to my recent webinar, Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing at:

Webinar transcript is also available at:

KN-95 Mask Update

Please accept my sincere gratitude for all the notes

you have sent regarding the distribution of masks. –Jim Lange 

As a quick update, our office has purchased and distributed roughly 33,000 masks to date.

Most were distributed to some type of non-profit or health care organization, but many to people in my “circle” that includes family, friends, and clients.

If you need additional masks, please call us at 412-521-2732.

There are opportunities for investors to incorporate impact investments (a blanket term used to describe environmentally and socially responsible investing) into their portfolios through Dimensional’s Responsible Investment offerings. If you are considering impact investing, please call Alice at 412-521-2732.