The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA

Including How to Protect Your Nest Egg from the Pending “Death of the Stretch IRA” Legislation

The Senate Finance Committee voted 26-0 to kill the stretch IRA. Though the vote isn’t effective law immediately, the chances of it passing before the end of 2017 are excellent. By downloading this book, you will find practical advice regarding how to combat the death of the stretch IRA as well as a condensed version of some of our most important recommendations. Here are six tips to grow your IRA, minimize the reach of Uncle Sam, and protect your family from a potentially devastating new tax law – straight from the expert author, James Lange:

1. Pay Taxes Later! (except for Roth IRAs), see page 1.

2. Roth IRA conversions offer extraordinary benefits, see page 31.

3. Make your planning dynamic with the most flexible estate plan for married couples, see page 19.

4. Make gifts that grow tax-free like 529 plans and life insurance, see page 53.

5. Consider naming a charitable Trust as the beneficiary of your IRA. It could give your children more life-long income, see page 45.

6. Combine winning tax strategies with low-cost index investing for best results, see page 67.

James Lange, CPA, Attorney, and best-selling author of Retire Secure! reveals his newest and best strategies and secrets to getting the most out of your IRAs and retirement plans (and keeping Congress’ sticky fingers out of your pocket) in his new book The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA Including How to Protect Your Nest Egg form the Pending “Death of the Stretch IRA” Legislation.

The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA is a complete guide to preserving and sustaining IRAs and retirement plan investments for the long term. It is detailed enough to answer your most pressing questions, and yet compact enough to fit in your pocket! This small, but valuable resource could provide you with a fantastic IRA education in just one sitting!

James Lange predicted a watershed moment in tax legislation; one that could drastically reduce the way that IRAs are taxed at death. Lange commented, “Simply calling this a change in tax policy makes it sound pretty innocent, but this change could reduce your children’s inheritance by up to one-third. This is potentially life-changing information and people need to know about it. It is not getting the media attention it deserves, and the consequences could be disastrous for a lot of people.”

We call the potential legislation, “The Death of the Stretch IRA.” Assuming Congress goes along with the Senate Finance Committee vote and the “The Death of the Stretch IRA” passes, it would mark the death of one of the best estate-planning practices available to IRA owners. This has been on our radar for three years, and we’ve come up with some cutting-edge solutions that not only limit the negative impact of the potential new law, but in some cases, can leave our clients in an even better position. These cutting-edge solutions became The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA. Please also download the Addendum that discusses the new $450,000 exclusion from the Death of the Stretch IRA.

Praise for The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA*

“Once again, Jim Lange has identified an important change to IRA law that nobody’s talking about and every IRA owner needs to know about proposed changes to the ‘stretch’ IRA.”

Bill Flanagan, Host, Our Region’s Business

After the election there will be many initiatives to change our tax laws concerning retirement accounts. If you have a substantial IRA – YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. The information contained could be life changing for you and your beneficiaries.

Burton G. Malkiel, author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

For everyday Americans, the biggest ‘death tax’ isn’t the estate tax, but rather the income tax owed on inherited retirement accounts. What can you do about that tax? Pull up a chair and listen to Jim Lange

Jonathan Clements, founder of and author of How to Think About Money

There are times when good timing and good information make all the difference. With the stretch IRA almost certain to become history, now is the time to read, The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA. You and your heirs can hit a home run with Jim’s great information and recommendations.

Paul Merriman, Author, Financial Fitness Forever

Jim Lange always produces creative ways to legally increase your net worth and reduce the tax bite by the government. The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for your Million-Dollar IRA is no exception. I particularly loved the idea of leaving an IRA to a charitable trust with the kids being an income beneficiary of the trust.

Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq., Author, Lower Your Taxes – BIG TIME! Wealth Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider

*These reviews are for the book, not for services. It is not known, and no inference should be made, about whether individuals reviewing the book approve or disapprove of other services offered.

James Lange, CPA/Attorney, is the President of Lange Financial Group, LLC and has been operating his business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. Lange and his team help IRA and retirement plan owners get the most out of what they’ve got by integrating and applying proven strategies to personal needs, wants and financial situations of their clients. Learn more at