Number One Strategy for All Phases of Retirement Planning

Don’t Pay Taxes Now, Pay Taxes Later

  1. The Accumulation Stage

    Saving for retirement. Does the type of account matter? Absolutely! There is a huge difference between saving inside a tax-deferred plan and saving outside of a tax-deferred plan.

  2. The Distribution Stage

    Withdrawing money from your portfolio after retirement. In what order should you spend the money within your retirement portfolio? Does the tax treatment of each set of assets really matter? You bet it does!

  3. The Estate Planning Stage

    Planning for your heirs. The benefits of stretching an IRA are enormous, but the government wants to take this right away. Your heirs could potentially be hundreds of thousands of dollars better off if you get this planning right.

Except for the Roth!

Roth IRAs grow tax-free. But they come with limitations and they must be planned for strategically.