Retire Secure for Professors:

Maximizing and Protecting your TIAA, IRAs, and Other Retirement Assets

“Jim Lange’s Retire Secure for Professors covers the practical aspects of investments that really matter to us: spending and saving, risk and diversification, tax efficiency, controlling costs, charitable and family giving, and estate planning. Along the way he examines asset allocation, both taxable and retirement accounts, insurance, and annuities, often using TIAA, CREF, and IRAs that professors are already familiar with. Although there is no magic to investing, there are lots of things we can do to help meet our goals and make our retirement more secure.”

Roger G. Ibbotson, Yale Professor in Practice Emeritus, and Author of many books and articles including Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation Yearbooks

“There is no one better than Jim Lange to provide outstanding retirement and tax advice for academics. Retire Secure for Professors should be on the top of your personal reading list.”

Burton G. Malkiel, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Princeton University and Author, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 12th ed. 2019

“Whether you are a professor or not Jim Lange’s book, Retire Secure for Professors, is a retirement planning MUST read. Jim masterfully shows you how to integrate estate tax, income tax planning, and insurance planning into a “financial master plan.” Plus, he offers strategies for tax-efficient gifting to heirs and charities. With his help you can minimize taxes, leave the most to your heirs and favorite charities—and the least to Uncle Sam. And NO ONE does it better. He provides easily understood examples that demonstrate the benefits of his recommended strategies.”

Larry Swedroe, Author of Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement and 17 other investment books

“James Lange has long been my ‘go to’ for help in understanding the complexities of retirement accounts and explaining them to our viewers. I can’t imagine anybody better able to guide professors as they do their retirement planning.”

Bill Flanagan, Producer & Host, Our Region’s Business, WPXI-TV

“Jim Lange’s Retire Secure for Professors contains a wealth of solid information. It can help readers who follow his guidance for maximizing savings and minimizing taxes attain and enjoy a more secure retirement. Read it and reap!”

Mel Lindauer, Founder and former President, The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy and co-author, The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing and The Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning

“Professors need to understand the options as Lange presents them in Chapter 4. Don’t leave this analysis up to an advisor since their interests may not match yours.”

Dan Keppel, Author, The New American Retirement System: A $2,000,000 Tax-FREE Wealth Reserve

“The Retire Secure for Professors chapter on gifting and spending strategies is an area many investors get wrong – Jim’s ideas in this chapter are great advice that I practice in my own life.”

Taylor Larimore, Author, The Bogleheads’ Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio

“Jim Lange is a master of the subject and has helped thousands of people reach retirement with more money as a result of his sage advice. Jim is my go-to response when I have a question about the regarding complex retirement questions.”

John D. Bledsoe, CFP, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, AEP, EIEIO

“In a world where facts and data are assaulted, Retire Secure for Professors is a trusted source of information on which professors can rely. Jim’s analysis is like Moneyball for professors’ retirement and estate planning.”

Nicole L. Maholtz, President and CEO, Brentmark

“Lange Financial Group (and Jim Lange) offers solutions to those professors who’ve diligently saved their entire careers, all the while unaware of the potential tax bombs they and their heirs may be facing.”

Adam Yofan, Wealth Advisor, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

“As a former Assistant Professor of Biology in higher education, the approach of Retire Secure for Professors who have TIAA and CREF will be warmly welcomed by those in the profession. James Lange provides a roadmap for making the most of your retirement.”

Jan Cullinane, Author of The New Retirement, The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement, and Retire Happy

“Jim Lange’s remarkable and unique book dives right into what retired professors need to know about their finances. He does a very thorough job of making clear the recent changes in tax laws to anyone whose eyes glaze over when hearing elsewhere about the IRS’ requirements. He offers straightforward advice about how to preserve your assets for as long as possible, and how to avoid a huge tax burden for your heirs. This is an invaluable tool to educate any academic professional as well as their families.”

Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, Attorney, Author, Hidden Truths About Retirement & Long-Term Care

“Knowledge is power and the specialized knowledge you acquire when you read and internalize the information in this book can save you a fortune. Get this book, read it, and put these ideas to work. They will save or give you thousands of dollars!”

—Brian Tracy, Speaker, Consultant, Author of 80 books in 51 languages

“Nationally known IRA expert James Lange presents many little-known income tax and estate planning tips and traps for college and university professors (or anyone else) having a substantial portion of their assets in retirement benefits in an easy-to-understand way.”
Bruce D. Steiner, Esq., Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C.

“James Lange’s book is a must-read for academics and other professionals approaching retirement who have diligently used tax-deferred investment plans to accumulate wealth. The SECURE Act, which went into effect in January 2020, has drastically affected the ability to pass this wealth on to heirs and limited the benefits of retirement accounts. Mr. Lange points out the pitfalls of the retirement savings options available to employees of educational institutions, and suggests strategies to avoid unexpected tax burdens, achieve a comfortable retirement, mitigate inflation risk, and make sure your beneficiaries receive the fruits of your labor.”
—Martha Maeda, Author, Retire Rich with Your Roth IRA, Roth 401k, and Roth 403b: Investment Strategies for Your Roth IRA

“As a physician, I’m jealous that there is a Retire Secure specifically designed for professors but not one for doctors. The entire Retire Secure series is the perfect nuts and bolts guide not only to saving for retirement but also to spending from that nest egg in retirement.”
James M. Dahle, MD, Founder of The White Coat Investor

“James Lange’s book, Retire Secure for Professors, is not only relevant to Professors but is applicable to a broad audience of IRA and retirement plan owners. Jim’s insight and wisdom will be incredibly helpful in understanding the tax law regarding IRAs and retirement planning and is a must for advisors.”
Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished)

“Few in the legal or accounting profession have the technical grasp on the complexities of the tax laws as Jim Lange. Fewer still have Jim’s ability to distill that labyrinth and morass of information into an intelligible format that is also “actionable,” i.e., simplified to the point where it is both understandable and can be put to immediate use. As a retired tax law professor, I appreciate, applaud, and highly recommend Retire Secure for Professors. This may be the finest investment in your financial future you will ever make!”
Stephan R. Leimberg, Esq., Publisher, Leimberg Information Services, Inc. (LISI)