Resources to Find a Vaccine in Western PA

by Justin Pape, Facilities Coordinator, Lange Financial Group, LLC

I wanted to share the vaccine information that I was able to find below. Currently, PA is in Phase 1A. This link takes you to the PA website to see the phases:

You can also visit this site to get a notification if your group is ready, but you still have to find your own vaccine:

Jim found a resource in his own research that shows if there are available vaccines in your county. It seems like a good tool to narrow your search. I did not use it previously but will share:

The best way that I know to find a vaccine is by going through the different websites of the places administering them. I had success for Jim’s brother, Jeff, through AHN MyChart but have heard others getting at other places as well. With all of them though, it typically requires checking several times a day and just getting lucky.


They require you to sign up for MyChart and then to go in to check it periodically to see if there are appointments.

  1. Go to if you do not already have a MyChart account.
  1. Once you complete the form, they will send you a confirmation email within 4 days to complete the registration.
  1. After you register, sign in and at the top of the page, there is an Appointments tab, click on that.
  1. Next click schedule appointment, then choose “Covid Vaccine Initial Dose” and indicate the appropriate group you are in.
  1. It will give you an option to then choose a location, I recommend selecting Any Location to save the time of going through each one.
  1. It will then show you a screen with available appointments if any. I would recommend checking a couple of times per day to see if new ones open.
  1. After selecting, it will direct you to finish and schedule the appointment.


Register using the below link, and then look for an appointment.

  1. Go to this link and register:

You will be asked if you want to receive a text or email. What you select will be the way that you will go through to register. If you choose text, they will send you a text and that will then have you go through a link on your phone.

  1. After you register, it will take a few days, but they will send you a link via text or email. You can then begin to go in to select an appointment. You may have to check several times a day.
  1. If an appointment is available, choose it, finish, and confirm.

Allegheny County

They have clinics that you have to sign up for but at this time, you must be age 65+. You can sign up for alerts to get the information for when they open registration to the clinics.

  1. Register for Alerts:
  1. Go to the site directly:

I did not get very far as most of the clinics were booked. You can also try calling 211 but that has a very long wait time and closes its queue very quickly. You would get a text alert for the 211 when you could register, but I would recommend going through the site.

Giant Eagle  

They are doing clinics at Heinz Field but also have appointments in stores throughout the area.

  1. The website for both is:
  1. For the clinics, choose “Vaccine Clinic.” You will have to choose PA and then enter the zip code for Heinz Field or the location of the clinic. It is listed on the page.
  1. For stores choose “Schedule Vaccine,” and put in your zip code to see if there are any available within the area.
  1. Note: Sometimes this site will put you in a waiting line where it will show you the time to wait to get to the appointment screen. This does not mean there will be an available appointment. I have waited several times for 20 minutes only to be given “no appointments available.”

Rite Aid       

I have heard they post available appointments on their website at midnight but have not confirmed.

  1. Go to
  1. Each time you go to the website, they will ask you a few questions to determine if you qualify.
  1. If they have appointments, they will direct you to a site with a store within your zip code. One thing I have noticed is it will not let you select a store unless you click “Find Stores” above the map.
  1. This site is a little tedious as you must select the store, then click “next” to check for available appointments. Then select another store and keep trying each one on the list.
  1. You can also change the zip code to other places if you are willing to drive. I have heard of people going as far as Hermitage, PA to secure appointments.


  1. Go to
  1. Select PA.
  1. It will bring up a pop-up box and show you all of the stores in PA and if they have available appointments.
  1. If you see a store near you, select “Schedule an Appointment Now.”
  1. It will then ask you qualifying questions. It will ask for age but make sure you also check the priority box if you are over age 65 and select over 65. If not, it will give you a message saying that you do not qualify.
  1. You will then re-enter your zip to bring up appointments.

Sam’s Club   

You do not have to be a member, but you do have to create a non-member account to check to see if there is availability.

  1. Go to
  1. Click on the check eligibility.
  1. You will have to create an account or sign in.
  1. Enter in zip code, and it will bring up all the stores in southwestern PA.
  1. You must click on each store to see if there are any available appointments.

Other Pharmacies

There are a lot of smaller pharmacies and clinics that the state lists that are too numerous to list. You can visit the link below and select “Where Can I Get Vaccinated?” to see the state list. They usually have a website or phone number available. It is an interactive map so you can zoom in and out to specific areas.


I hope this is helpful in helping you find an appointment for you and/or your loved ones.