11 Steps to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft: Step 4

Step 4: Don’t carry unnecessary personal information.

 When you come in to see Jim Lange or any of our attorneys or CPAs, we may ask you to bring your IRA and Roth IRA statements, your previous years tax returns, and your current wills, trusts, and insurance or beneficiary based documents. We even ask you to fill out a form with important information about you to create our client profile and give yout he best advice possible.

But you shouldn’t carry these things around with you on a regular basis. We just discussed not carrying your social security card in your wallet, but there are other documents people sometimes carry with them that identity thieves would just love to get their hands on. Bank account numbers, PIN numbers, passports, birth certificates and blank checks can all provide a huge amount of information to a thief. Don’t carry them unless absolutely necessary.

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