Evan Wolfson to Appear on Lange Money Hour

Be sure to tune in to KQV 1410AM tomorrow, Wednesday December 4th, at 7:05pm EST to listen to one of the greatest civil rights leaders in our country speak about the marriage equality movement in our country and the situation for same-sex couples in our state.

Evan Wolfson, a Pittsburgh native, is a former Director of Lambda Legal, author, and founder of FreedomtoMarry.org.  He was also named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Alive in 2004.  His contributions as a lawyer and a leader to the LGBT civil rights movement in our country is undeniable and inspiring.

If you can’t tune in, www.kqv.com will be streaming the show live on Wednesday night and re-airing it the following Sunday morning at 9:05.  Don’t miss this historic and important show!

Also, if you are a resident of Western PA and in a same-sex relationship, or you know someone who is, consider joining us for our free workshops starting at 9:30am on December 7th at the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center.

You can read the full invitation here:  PA Same-Sex Couples Can Now Take Advantage of the Defeat of DOMA to Cut Taxes and Increase Wealth.