Keeping Up with Your Kids and Grandchildren

keeping-up-with-your-kids-and-grandchildren-the-roth-revolution-blog-james-langeAn excerpt for the Lange Financial Group Newsletter:

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family. I feel connected to a number of relatives and friends who live in different cities because I spend a few minutes on Facebook. In fact, recently I was able to tell my brother how his own daughter was doing because of something she posted on Facebook and he doesn’t use Facebook.

If you have young grandchildren, there’s a good chance photos are posted regularly. This way, you can see current photos of the little ones, and you don’t have to feel like you’re pestering your kids to send you physical copies. Of course, social media has its limits. Because sites are more public, probably too public, don’t expect to engage in detailed or private family matters over this medium.

Schedule a weekly phone or video call: Arranging a weekly call doesn’t have to be a struggle. A simple 15 minute call is time enough to catch up regularly. The more you and your kids do it, the easier and more routine it will become. However, if you’re more interested in receiving information, let your kids do the talking. Try to schedule a time that is mutually available for everyone, so the call is a treat and not a chore.

Share a monthly meal: For kids who are closer to home, make time once a month to eat a meal together. This is an easy way to get all your kids under one roof again. Just because your kids are grown up doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a home-cooked meal every now and then.