Time is running out to lock in low rates on insurance premiums.

The January 1, 2013 deadline is approaching fast and we are already seeing changes being made to permanent policy rates.  Revisions to actuarial guideline 38 are going to cause many premiums to skyrocket.  For more information visit our site www.paytaxeslater.com and check out all the resources we have available on insurance in the middle of the page.  We have had radio shows on the topic, and there is currently a transcript and mp3 available for download.  We also have posted an open letter to our clients and friends regarding this important issue, (which can be found directly at: https://www.paytaxeslater.com/articles/insurance_increase.pdf)

Take some time today to read and evaluate this information and then call us for a complimentary insurance review.  412-521-2732