Charitable Remainder Trusts

I hope you enjoyed last week’s video “Roth IRA Conversions: A Key Defense Against the SECURE Act” In case you missed it and need a refresher on exactly what exceptions you can seek to protect your loved ones, click here to watch that video again.

This is the fifth video in my series “How IRA Owners Can Beat the New Death Tax – Video Series,” I discuss what will become a major asset in beating the SECURE Act; Charitable Remainder Trusts.

In each subsequent video, I do a bit of a deep dive into one of the peer-reviewed and proven strategies from the book.

Anyone with a significant IRA or retirement plan owes it to their loved ones to learn more about the strategies I discuss in this video series. And, if you are one of my subscribers who has not been following my emails and webinars on the SECURE Act, watching this first video would be a great place to start.

Stay tuned next week for the next video in the series.

Charitable Remainder Trusts or CRTs are not only important if you are a charitable individual, but also a clever, legal, and creative way to protect your heirs from the dangers of going broke thanks to the dreaded SECURE Act.

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